Adding value to your artwork for your customers

I wanted to share this article:”7 Ways to Add Value to Your Handmade Work”
By Carolyn Edlund
How can you make your handcrafted work stand out? Use these tips to add extra value:

1. Sign your work. Your signature is an indicator that your products are not mass-produced, and that they are special. Many buyers look for that signature – it is a sign of an original design.

2. Include hangtags that tell your story, and how your work is made. This always enhances a handmade item. Your story is as important as are your fingerprints on a handmade item, and becomes part of the purchase.

3. Thoughtfully package your work. The way your work is presented speaks volumes about it. If you are selling a luxury item, let your packaging convey that. Is your work humorous? Highlight that fact by using delightful words and images on your package. This also adds value by virtue of the fact that your item may be more portable, ship more easily or fit into a suitcase.

4. Use words on your creations. It’s true – words or symbols add value because they reach out to the left-brained observer and connect with them. They add another dimension to the experience of your work.

5. Write descriptions in your marketing materials and on your website of the features, but mostly the benefits of your handcrafted work. This speaks directly to the buyer, and the satisfaction they will get from their purchase.

6. Create limited editions. When your work is scarce, it not only creates urgency to buy, but becomes more desirable to a collector.

7. Use fantastic photos. Show your work beautifully, on a suitable background, and well-lit. Detail photos and “in situ” photos help buyers imagine owning what you make, and can add value by virtue of the environment your work is shown in, and the quality of the image. Use a professional photographer if possible.


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