Display Tips to Increase Your Art Sales

I thought I would pass this article by Carolyn Edlund on to my friends on this blog:

Displaying your Art to increase Art Sales

1. Present a cohesive collection – organize work that goes together. Use a variety of price points to appeal to different sized wallets, and group items visually so that they can cross-sell each other. For example, show a necklace with earrings, show prints in a grouping, or even put together a holiday gift basket of your work.

2. Leave breathing space – an overcrowded display makes your work actually look cheaper, and can be confusing to the shopper. Allow each piece to shine by giving it a space of its own. If your selection is large, you might display part of each collection and then show more options and colors by pulling items from stock as you converse with customers.

3. Show function – Help your customer imagine owning your work; don’t leave it to their imagination. Put spoons in your handmade bowls, hang jewelry on your earring holders, or even have photos of your work displayed in a residential or office setting to give a good idea of impact. Selling items for the kitchen? Consider adding recipes, or display your work in a grouping that looks like it’s ready for the table.

4. Include a showpiece – Got an incredible, expensive piece of work to show off? Use that as your centerpiece, then group less expensive but related work around it. Customers who drool over your showpiece can still own a piece of your art by purchasing a smaller one. Don’t forget to have them sign up to receive emails on an ongoing basis so you can contact them again and sell more of your work, turning them into collectors!

5. Use proper lightingLighting is paramount to your exhibit booth; dark booths get overlooked, so don’t ever scrimp on this essential. Use LEDs on tracks that stay cool and cast flattering light. Pre-plan your lighting setup before the show to make sure you are directing the light correctly to highlight all the work in your booth.

6. Make your work touchable – When customers can touch and feel your work, sales increase. If possible, display your work to encourage shoppers to handle the merchandise they are viewing. Let them feel the texture and the weight of your handmade items. Place the item they are considering right into their hands, conveying ownership even before they buy.



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