Blue Water Mermaid painting

Blue Water Mermaid 24x48x

“Blue Water Mermaid” was just completed and is 24 x 48″ gallery wrap canvas with acrylics. I seem to be drawn to phalo blue and find that I use it in many of my paintings and in this piece, I enhanced the vibrant color in the water.
As some of you know, my husband had a stroke a month ago and I have been consumed with being a caregiver and also making my Professional Photography clients happy over the holidays. Besides that, the construction on my office was being completed. Its been quite a month and even though I consider myself a strong woman, there were times were I thought I would go crazy with the stress of it all. Finally, I am back in my office and Nelson is doing amazingly better with his rehab and I was able to work on finishing a couple of paintings.

2 thoughts on “Blue Water Mermaid painting

    1. It’s been a rough winter but I trying to maintain my sense of humor. Today was the first day I felt normal after swimming in Aqua aerobics. I wasn’t able to get out much for a month except for photo shoots and work assignments. Other than that I became a caregiver. He is doing well with rehab and all looks encouraging.

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