Anatomy of a painting

When returning from the West Indies artist retreat, I was totally inspired by the beautiful scenery and accomplished artists, that I could hardly wait to get back into my studio. I took one of my photographs as a reference and inspiration and have now completed 3 similar semi abstract expressionistic works. I am trying to break away from overworking. I used a couple very large brushes and 4 palette knives, made tubes of colored gesso mixed with plaster ground and put some island music on…. I sat there in my rocking chair for an hour and a half before even touching the white canvas. My mind was swirling with ideas and visions of what I wanted to do. Then once I started it was a passionate and energetic process. Hours and hours involved in a 2 day session of analyzing and dabbing thick paints on with knives. I actually was so thrilled by the results that I have since completed 2 similar paintings in the following week.


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