Palms with metallic gold paints

This painting called “Palm by Waterway” is 16x40x1.5″. I tried some experimental techniques and mediums and to my dismay, it was a disaster. First I gessoes the painting with warm colored gesso. Then I added a heavy metallic gold paint and then some crackling gel medium. I found a new brand at the hardware store meant for furniture. Let that dry for two days then added acrylic paint of a palm on the water. AT first I was excited because a beautiful crackling occurred. I let it dry for a week….Then realized the crackling patina was not drying which was beneath the acrylic. It was sticky and felt like honey. Don’t use this.
Since it would not dry even though it was water based like the acrylics. SO I scrubbed it all of with rubbing alcohol and water. I scrubbed all of the paint off down to the first gesso. Basically I repainted the painting and finally its a thing of beauty. The metallic golds and mediums with red iron oxide as a glaze helped with the feeling of a golden sunset that I was trying to convey.


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