18 day Trek in California: From San Diego to Santa Cruz

Even though traveling can be tiring and uncomfortable at times, my recent trip to visit family in California, do a road trip discovering old and new paths, seeing old friends from the 70’s, hugging tight my sweet family members, hiking and exploring….amazing! California is the greenest I have ever seen and even the Pacific Ocean was clear and beautiful. Because the Big Sur road is under construction from the heavy rains and also had a recent huge landslide, my sister CIndy and I discovered some alternate paths through Cambria and HWY 46…which was so beautiful, on our way to Carmel to visit old friends. We did a lot of hiking and took our time to enjoy each day. Sometimes, we would set off to our next destination which should have been an hour and by the time we stopped to take photos, put our toes in the sand and enjoy discovering new little towns…it would take about 3-4 hours. If anyone wants more details of some cool discoveries, just write.

My brother-in law Hugo has ALS and wanted his bathtub painted with fish. I was happy to do this for him.


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