The Calm Before

We are preparing to evacuate for Hurricane Irma but have time of anxious waiting and preparing so I painted this. It is called “Calm Before” and is 30×40″.



Along the shore…

Another smaller painting completed. I wanted to keep the expressionistic feeling with larger brush strokes and energetic touches. “Blue Crab” is 20×16″.
Sometimes, the more I work on a painting, create details and textures, I lose the expressionistic style that I am aiming for. So this one, I called it DONE and am happy with the result.

Two paintings painted from trip photos from California

When I returned from an 18 day trip in California visiting family and taking a wonderful road trip with my sister…We stopped to rest in a little town south of Big Sur called Cambria. A small motor lodge on the ocean was so great and I had the joy of watching the sun go down in the Pacific. Because California was my home for half of my life, the trip was familiar. Since I live on a small island peninsula in Florida, the sun doesnt set in the ocean so this was a treat. “Cambria Rocks” and “Cambia Sunset” are both 30×40″ gallery wraps.

Bodysurfing Series: Final painting completed for a larger wall

While body surfing a couple weeks ago, I was floating on the crest of some rolling waves and the colors and calmness came into my head. I said to my friend “I am going to paint this!”
I went home and painted until late that night and the next week. I started with the 36×36″ painting and then decided to paint a similar painting in 24×36″. When it was done and I was looking at them side by side, I noticed that they almost looked like one painting. The next days, I worked on a third 24×36″. These could be purchased separately or all three. This impressonistic study makes me recall the feeling I had while floating.

Beautiful full moon last week inspired new painting

Last week I was fortunate to witness one of the prettiest full moons rising at the beach. SO, I painted the scene to recapture the magic I experienced. The photo is attached and as you can see, I used artistic liberties. “Pink Moon Rising” is 24×36″ gallery wrap.

Beach Tide expressions with metallic golds

Two new paintings with expressionistic stylings. I like the brushy strokes with touches of metallic gold. Of course, metallic colors do not show well in photography but in a room, look stunning. The long skinny one is 16×40″ and called “lone Star”. The larger one with the sanderlings running from the tide is 36×36″. Both are heavy gallery wraps ready for hanging.

Making some beach scene altered photography into aluminum prints

I will have a tent art booth at ARTS IN THE DARK on April 22 in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Its a beautiful park and usually a great turnout beneath the pines.
I will be selling smaller items like hand painted glasses, pillows with my artwork on them, prints and aluminum prints of some paintings and also photo artwork. I opted for 8×10 size on most of these so they will be affordable.

Palms with metallic gold paints

This painting called “Palm by Waterway” is 16x40x1.5″. I tried some experimental techniques and mediums and to my dismay, it was a disaster. First I gessoes the painting with warm colored gesso. Then I added a heavy metallic gold paint and then some crackling gel medium. I found a new brand at the hardware store meant for furniture. Let that dry for two days then added acrylic paint of a palm on the water. AT first I was excited because a beautiful crackling occurred. I let it dry for a week….Then realized the crackling patina was not drying which was beneath the acrylic. It was sticky and felt like honey. Don’t use this.
Since it would not dry even though it was water based like the acrylics. SO I scrubbed it all of with rubbing alcohol and water. I scrubbed all of the paint off down to the first gesso. Basically I repainted the painting and finally its a thing of beauty. The metallic golds and mediums with red iron oxide as a glaze helped with the feeling of a golden sunset that I was trying to convey.