Hand Painted Glassware make great gifts for the holidays

My painted glassware is always a hit around the holidays when folks are looking for unique hand made gifts. I used paints especially made for glass and porcelain. (Porcelaine and Vitrea) It is harder than it looks since the paints drip and bubble and have to be babied. I usually make around 2 dozen at a time because they are little paintings and to do a set to match an older set is nearly impossible.
Three ladies came by my studio a couple weeks ago and bought up most of my wave wine glasses so I figured I better make more before the holidays.
First you have to wash the glass well and sometimes even use rubbing alcohol to really clean any grease. Then I do one color at a time and let each layer dry for several hours before doing the next layer. It usually takes a week. Next step is to fire them in my regular oven at 245 degrees for 30-40 minutes, turning off the oven and letting them cool in the oven.
Putting custom tags on and washing them is the last step.
I sell them for 16.00-20.00 each and can ship.