Small island paintings on sale

Around the holidays, I get a lot of interest in my small original paintings. Not only are they affordable but look great on a shelf or as an accent place on a wall. One collector has been collecting the 4×4″ paintings for years and put them on her hall wall in a vertical line. If you are interested in any of them message me and I will give you prices and information.


Newly completed large ocean painting

This is a newly completed painting in the bodysurfing series. It is called “Ocean Swell” and is 60×48″. Many weeks of work were involved because of the size. I wanted to keep it impressionistic and loose. It reminds me also of my youth, sailing in my family boat to the channel islands off the coast of California.

Over the years, Koi ponds have been recurrent theme for paintings

Marta Rampini wrote:
“The koi fish shimmer
with an ethereal glow
that leaves me without
breath; a limerence that feels similar to yours.”
I recently finished the first two koi themed paintings and realized that it has been an interest of mine for years. The first painting is new and 24×36″ called Moonlit Pond. The second new painting is 16×40″ and is called Lilypads. AFter finishing, I realized that I have many koi pond paintings in my painting storage room. SInce some are sold and some are older, I am going to sell the older ones for a discounted pricing. Let me know if any are of interest to you.

Painting Tutorial

This project is a different way to paint. I am using acrylics.
First step is to gesso your canvas. Then I did the entire painting in grays, black and white. Adding more details.

Then, I made a print of the black and white painting and used colored pencils to color it to see what colors I liked. There were lots of ways I could have colored it like with a blue water background. I settled on this one.

Next step is to use some of the more transparent colors added with glazing medium to slowly paint layers of thin colors overall. Its nice to put them over other colors to create a third color.

Working slowly with multiple layers gives more luminosity to the image. Then I make a three color palette with matte white mixed with yellow, pure white, Unbleached titanium white and also a mixture of white gesso and cadmium yellow to paint the background. This painting is 20×20″

Adding more details. Metallic golds are underneath the tan and yellow background brushstrokes.

Bodysurfing Series: Final painting completed for a larger wall

While body surfing a couple weeks ago, I was floating on the crest of some rolling waves and the colors and calmness came into my head. I said to my friend “I am going to paint this!”
I went home and painted until late that night and the next week. I started with the 36×36″ painting and then decided to paint a similar painting in 24×36″. When it was done and I was looking at them side by side, I noticed that they almost looked like one painting. The next days, I worked on a third 24×36″. These could be purchased separately or all three. This impressonistic study makes me recall the feeling I had while floating.

Palms with metallic gold paints

This painting called “Palm by Waterway” is 16x40x1.5″. I tried some experimental techniques and mediums and to my dismay, it was a disaster. First I gessoes the painting with warm colored gesso. Then I added a heavy metallic gold paint and then some crackling gel medium. I found a new brand at the hardware store meant for furniture. Let that dry for two days then added acrylic paint of a palm on the water. AT first I was excited because a beautiful crackling occurred. I let it dry for a week….Then realized the crackling patina was not drying which was beneath the acrylic. It was sticky and felt like honey. Don’t use this.
Since it would not dry even though it was water based like the acrylics. SO I scrubbed it all of with rubbing alcohol and water. I scrubbed all of the paint off down to the first gesso. Basically I repainted the painting and finally its a thing of beauty. The metallic golds and mediums with red iron oxide as a glaze helped with the feeling of a golden sunset that I was trying to convey.

Paintings done after trip to West Indies

"Salt Plage Sunset" is 31x26 was painted from memories and photos from painting at Salt Plage, old salt mill north of Christophe Harbour and Marina. It was a lovely sunset and a lone sailboat rested in the bay. I did this one with palette knives.
“Salt Plage Sunset” is 31×26 was painted from memories and photos from painting at Salt Plage, old salt mill north of Christophe Harbour and Marina. It was a lovely sunset and a lone sailboat rested in the bay. I did this one with palette knives.

Palms at Sand Bay


“Sunset Repose ST Kitts”   36×24″ gallery wrap.