The Calm Before

We are preparing to evacuate for Hurricane Irma but have time of anxious waiting and preparing so I painted this. It is called “Calm Before” and is 30×40″.



Along the shore…

Another smaller painting completed. I wanted to keep the expressionistic feeling with larger brush strokes and energetic touches. “Blue Crab” is 20×16″.
Sometimes, the more I work on a painting, create details and textures, I lose the expressionistic style that I am aiming for. So this one, I called it DONE and am happy with the result.

Newly completed large ocean painting

This is a newly completed painting in the bodysurfing series. It is called “Ocean Swell” and is 60×48″. Many weeks of work were involved because of the size. I wanted to keep it impressionistic and loose. It reminds me also of my youth, sailing in my family boat to the channel islands off the coast of California.

Two paintings painted from trip photos from California

When I returned from an 18 day trip in California visiting family and taking a wonderful road trip with my sister…We stopped to rest in a little town south of Big Sur called Cambria. A small motor lodge on the ocean was so great and I had the joy of watching the sun go down in the Pacific. Because California was my home for half of my life, the trip was familiar. Since I live on a small island peninsula in Florida, the sun doesnt set in the ocean so this was a treat. “Cambria Rocks” and “Cambia Sunset” are both 30×40″ gallery wraps.

Beach Tide expressions with metallic golds

Two new paintings with expressionistic stylings. I like the brushy strokes with touches of metallic gold. Of course, metallic colors do not show well in photography but in a room, look stunning. The long skinny one is 16×40″ and called “lone Star”. The larger one with the sanderlings running from the tide is 36×36″. Both are heavy gallery wraps ready for hanging.

Recent International sales of my paintings

The first painting ” Reflections in Water” is 24x48x1.5″ is was sold to a couple in Germany.
“Tony’s Bar in Negril” was sold to a woman in Australia. The hardest thing to international sales is properly protecting and boxing up. First I wrap with archival paper. Then I add a cut piece of masonite slightly larder than the painting to protect the painting, add stryophome corners then bubble wrap. The it all goes in a larger box.

Smaller version of my recent island paradise collection

Sailing into Sunset is 12×24″. I wanted to continue exploring the subject but a way smaller version. The other paintings were 36×48 and 24×36 which required much larger palette knives, and brushes. Since this was smaller, I had to use small knives and work tighter. But it has the same feeling as the larger ones. Also I wanted to make it much more colorful.

Anatomy of a painting

When returning from the West Indies artist retreat, I was totally inspired by the beautiful scenery and accomplished artists, that I could hardly wait to get back into my studio. I took one of my photographs as a reference and inspiration and have now completed 3 similar semi abstract expressionistic works. I am trying to break away from overworking. I used a couple very large brushes and 4 palette knives, made tubes of colored gesso mixed with plaster ground and put some island music on…. I sat there in my rocking chair for an hour and a half before even touching the white canvas. My mind was swirling with ideas and visions of what I wanted to do. Then once I started it was a passionate and energetic process. Hours and hours involved in a 2 day session of analyzing and dabbing thick paints on with knives. I actually was so thrilled by the results that I have since completed 2 similar paintings in the following week.