Silk Painting with my Artistic Chicks club

There are four artists in a club I started years ago where we meet monthly to try different artistic endeavors, teach each other art techniques and share ideas. Lisa Woodruff is a clay artist, Peg Paschal is an artist who transforms used items into sculptures and art, Deb McKinney is an illustrator, graphic designer and painter and I am a painter.

We have done mosaics, woodcuts, linoleum block prints, paintings, glass sculptures, tie dye clothes and other mediums. Deb was in charge of this meeting which took two days. She generously bought the supplies and did the tutorials.

First we had to build the frames to stretch the silk before we started to actually paint. Then we used a resist to paint in areas that we wanted to have no fabric dye. Then…paint away. I loved how everyone tackled the project differently and the final scarves so unique. We loved this so much that we will do another session in a couple months. Also we will be able to use all the dyes and the racks that we built. SO fun!!!


New blog up and running

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Thank you. I am adding more tutorials and interesting information on artwork and photography. ENJOY!

New Blog

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More Beach Dune paintings

Continuing the dunes project to learn new techniques, I moved from 8×8″ small paintings to 3 20×16″ canvases. Each scene was totally made up form frequently going to the beach, walking over the dunes to the beach, taking photos of my favorite beach access walkovers. Not having a pictorial reference or photograph to “copy”. I had to use my memory to create shadows and highlights.
“Dune Kite Surfing”, “Dunes at Nite”, and “Dunes Sunset”…all for sale.

Dunes series has been a project all month

Not sure if I am correct but I heard that Monet did over 350 water lilies and pond paintings. So I decided to pick a landscape and explore different techniques and colorings of the same scene. I also incorporated this lesson while teaching my art students in October. One was started as a black and white painting and then thin colored glazes were added in thin colors. Once one layer was dry another color glaze was added for a luminous look. One was done with no seaoat strokes and large brush with thick paint. There were so many ideas that I wanted to attempt…
All of these are 8×8″gallery wraps. I made of the scenes without photos and had to figure out where the light would hit, etc. Let the lesson continue!!

I recommend doing this project. Choose any subject. Its all about the techniques. I learned a lot already and want to continue…

This was stage one before they were all completed.

Small island paintings on sale

Around the holidays, I get a lot of interest in my small original paintings. Not only are they affordable but look great on a shelf or as an accent place on a wall. One collector has been collecting the 4×4″ paintings for years and put them on her hall wall in a vertical line. If you are interested in any of them message me and I will give you prices and information.

Sunset on the Ocean

Still working on the series of Bodysurfing Paintings, “Lee Shore Wave” was just completed. Working with a warm and cool palette is challenging and since I made the scene up entirely from memories of swimming and surfing added to the challenge. I had to continually analyze and figure out where the highlights on the water would be and if they were reflecting the sky enough. The painting is 40×30″.
Request for pictures of wall space.