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New Blog

I have recently created a new blog to replace this one and plan on giving more information for artists, tutorials and news. The good part of this change is I have paid to have no ads on my blog.  Please subscribe:

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More Beach Dune paintings

Continuing the dunes project to learn new techniques, I moved from 8×8″ small paintings to 3 20×16″ canvases. Each scene was totally made up form frequently going to the beach, walking over the dunes to the beach, taking photos of my favorite beach access walkovers. Not having a pictorial reference or photograph to “copy”. I had to use my memory to create shadows and highlights.
“Dune Kite Surfing”, “Dunes at Nite”, and “Dunes Sunset”…all for sale.

Dunes series has been a project all month

Not sure if I am correct but I heard that Monet did over 350 water lilies and pond paintings. So I decided to pick a landscape and explore different techniques and colorings of the same scene. I also incorporated this lesson while teaching my art students in October. One was started as a black and white painting and then thin colored glazes were added in thin colors. Once one layer was dry another color glaze was added for a luminous look. One was done with no seaoat strokes and large brush with thick paint. There were so many ideas that I wanted to attempt…
All of these are 8×8″gallery wraps. I made of the scenes without photos and had to figure out where the light would hit, etc. Let the lesson continue!!

I recommend doing this project. Choose any subject. Its all about the techniques. I learned a lot already and want to continue…

This was stage one before they were all completed.

Small island paintings on sale

Around the holidays, I get a lot of interest in my small original paintings. Not only are they affordable but look great on a shelf or as an accent place on a wall. One collector has been collecting the 4×4″ paintings for years and put them on her hall wall in a vertical line. If you are interested in any of them message me and I will give you prices and information.

Sunset on the Ocean

Still working on the series of Bodysurfing Paintings, “Lee Shore Wave” was just completed. Working with a warm and cool palette is challenging and since I made the scene up entirely from memories of swimming and surfing added to the challenge. I had to continually analyze and figure out where the highlights on the water would be and if they were reflecting the sky enough. The painting is 40×30″.
Request for pictures of wall space.

Creating a club of artists educates and enhances creativity

Years ago I started a club for my artist friends called “ARTISTIC CHICKS”. AT first it was a larger group and I found that many artists cannot commit to even 6 meetings a year. The rules are: Each artist hosts in turn at their studio or house and plans what art medium to do, procures supplies or each member brings appropriate supplies. It has been amazing working with other artists and learning different skills.
I have found that keeping your group small is best. The last two years have been just 4 of us. Deb Mckinney is an excellent illustrator, painter and porcelain sculptor. Lisa Woodruff is an amazing clay artist. Peggy Paschal is an actress, dancer and her art form is primarily working with recycled things and making fun and interesting decor. I am primarily a painter.

I love the days we spend in Lisa’s clay studio. She is such a great instructor and usually our projects take several meetings to complete because of two firings, painting glazes and drinking tequila.

Some of the other meetings have included fish signs and linoleum block carving. We did one second meeting to print but not all of the members could attend so we will finish another time with the printing.


Our last meeting was in my studio and we had fun beading and making windchimes and mobiles. As you can see, each artist brought materials to do unique pieces. Peggy did a lampshade for the yard that will hold a solar light. Deb used old keys, feathers and beads on driftwood. Lisa, being a clay artist of course had made beads and clay rings that she had formed, fired,painted with glazes and fired again before the meeting so was happy to create something beautiful with her handmade clay beads. I made mine from a wooden fish that I had painted, drilled screw eyes into the wood and used precious jewelry form my childhood along with beads and wire.
It also inspired me to do a little jewelry on my own.
My advice to all artists is to form a small group and have monthly gatherings. It will really bring out the inspiration and also allow you to learn new forms of art. You cannot use “Artistic Chicks” as a name because we copyrighted the website name.
The best part is the friendships that get tighter and the fun. Artists generally work in solitary conditions. Its what we like and need to really create and allow ourselves to explore. Having 30 years in corporate advertising and art direction helped prepare me for having my own business and understanding the value of advertising. This part of my life (in my mid sixties) is so wonderful and I fell so blessed to be a professional artist. Thank you all for checking into my blog.