Large ocean painting done in three panels

Late Afternoon Swim Triptyc

“Late Afternoon Swim” is completed. Each panel is 30x40x1″ and when displayed is 92×40″ . Being so large was an issue since I have a small 10×14 foot studio with only two easels. I arranged two of the canvases in the studio side by side so I could make a nice transition when placed together. I would paint for a while and then, switch them out to work on the next one. Also I am experimenting with tinted gessoes and other mediums, rough brushes, palette knives. When you view this up close you can see the layers and the large brush strokes done in an energetic expressionistic manner. From further away, it looks more representational.


New tropical mini paintings

While evacuated from my island home in Neptune Beach because of Hurricane Irma, I found some time to paint. I had brought a bag of paints and brushes, and small 4, 5 and 6″ gallery wrap canvases. These canvases have a 1-1/2″ gallery wrap so the sides are also painted. Prices are 45.00-65.00. They are darling as an accent on a wall or sitting on a shelf.

I also painted electrical outlet covers for some of the shops that sell my works.


Beach Zen

This week ¬†was happily filled with many hours in my studio, listening to music, chilling, studying and working on this beach scene. I am so thankful for living near the ocean and this painting is a scene from my walks over the dunes to the beach. Before Hurricane Matthew destroyed our dunes last fall, the sea oats were much fuller. I did take some creative room to make the new sea oats thicker. Also with so much tragedy in the world and in Texas from the latest storms, I needed to focus on something peaceful and calming. “Peace” is 30×40″ and has a lot of that rosy peach colors of the sunset as we see it on the EAST COAST.

I experimented with adding really bright colors to the shadows and mixed some colors with florescent paint with unbleached titanium whites. Amazing colors were created and enhanced the emotion that I was trying to achieve. Hope you enjoy. The painting is for sale so inquire if interested.Peace  30x40.jpg

Expressionistic West Coast Landscape

Find My Way Back Home 24x36.jpg

After returning from my trip to California in August to visit family in San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, I worked on this landscape. It started with a highly plastered canvas with lots of texture. The scene was made up from several images in my head of Santa Cruz coast. My sons live there and since I am originally a Californian, I named this “Find My Way Home”. It is 24×36″. My sons and I would hike to the beaches to watch the sun set. Many days were foggy with the marine layer but when the sun did peak out, it was glorious.

New West Indian Mermaid

I have been working on this painting off and on since returning from St. Kitts and Nevis in the West Indies in March of this year. “Nevis Siren” is smaller than most of my mermaids at 24×36″. She changed quite a bit over the months. I wasn’t happy with her for so many months and made so many radical changes and then would put aside until I could work on her again. I returned from weeks in California recently and was able to have fresh eyes and work on her . Finally she emerged! I hope to send this painting to the West Indies to Dale’s Gallery in Christophe Harbor Marina, St. Kitts. Afterall, it was my trip there that inspired me.