Painting Tutorial

This project is a different way to paint. I am using acrylics.
First step is to gesso your canvas. Then I did the entire painting in grays, black and white. Adding more details.

Then, I made a print of the black and white painting and used colored pencils to color it to see what colors I liked. There were lots of ways I could have colored it like with a blue water background. I settled on this one.

Next step is to use some of the more transparent colors added with glazing medium to slowly paint layers of thin colors overall. Its nice to put them over other colors to create a third color.

Working slowly with multiple layers gives more luminosity to the image. Then I make a three color palette with matte white mixed with yellow, pure white, Unbleached titanium white and also a mixture of white gesso and cadmium yellow to paint the background. This painting is 20×20″

Adding more details. Metallic golds are underneath the tan and yellow background brushstrokes.

Two paintings painted from trip photos from California

When I returned from an 18 day trip in California visiting family and taking a wonderful road trip with my sister…We stopped to rest in a little town south of Big Sur called Cambria. A small motor lodge on the ocean was so great and I had the joy of watching the sun go down in the Pacific. Because California was my home for half of my life, the trip was familiar. Since I live on a small island peninsula in Florida, the sun doesnt set in the ocean so this was a treat. “Cambria Rocks” and “Cambia Sunset” are both 30×40″ gallery wraps.

Bodysurfing Series: Final painting completed for a larger wall

While body surfing a couple weeks ago, I was floating on the crest of some rolling waves and the colors and calmness came into my head. I said to my friend “I am going to paint this!”
I went home and painted until late that night and the next week. I started with the 36×36″ painting and then decided to paint a similar painting in 24×36″. When it was done and I was looking at them side by side, I noticed that they almost looked like one painting. The next days, I worked on a third 24×36″. These could be purchased separately or all three. This impressonistic study makes me recall the feeling I had while floating.

Sold Paintings that will be shipped to Saint Croix

A lovely woman from Maryland contacted me to purchase these paintings for her vacation home in Saint Croix. As I was so thrilled for this sale, the task now is to ship internationally. I will need to have a crate built for the smaller (30×40″ and 24×36″) but the large one called “Shallow Water” is 60×48″ will be the tough one to package.

18 day Trek in California: From San Diego to Santa Cruz

Even though traveling can be tiring and uncomfortable at times, my recent trip to visit family in California, do a road trip discovering old and new paths, seeing old friends from the 70’s, hugging tight my sweet family members, hiking and exploring….amazing! California is the greenest I have ever seen and even the Pacific Ocean was clear and beautiful. Because the Big Sur road is under construction from the heavy rains and also had a recent huge landslide, my sister CIndy and I discovered some alternate paths through Cambria and HWY 46…which was so beautiful, on our way to Carmel to visit old friends. We did a lot of hiking and took our time to enjoy each day. Sometimes, we would set off to our next destination which should have been an hour and by the time we stopped to take photos, put our toes in the sand and enjoy discovering new little towns…it would take about 3-4 hours. If anyone wants more details of some cool discoveries, just write.

My brother-in law Hugo has ALS and wanted his bathtub painted with fish. I was happy to do this for him.

Tropical island monkey painting completed

“Monkey Eating Berries” is the third monkey painting in my tropical paradise series. My semi abstract stylings worked well and gave me the tapestry feeling that I wanted. Sort of like a hidden monkey in the jungle theme.
I think this painting would look nice in a beach decor room.