Hand Painted Glassware make great gifts for the holidays

My painted glassware is always a hit around the holidays when folks are looking for unique hand made gifts. I used paints especially made for glass and porcelain. (Porcelaine and Vitrea) It is harder than it looks since the paints drip and bubble and have to be babied. I usually make around 2 dozen at a time because they are little paintings and to do a set to match an older set is nearly impossible.
Three ladies came by my studio a couple weeks ago and bought up most of my wave wine glasses so I figured I better make more before the holidays.
First you have to wash the glass well and sometimes even use rubbing alcohol to really clean any grease. Then I do one color at a time and let each layer dry for several hours before doing the next layer. It usually takes a week. Next step is to fire them in my regular oven at 245 degrees for 30-40 minutes, turning off the oven and letting them cool in the oven.
Putting custom tags on and washing them is the last step.
I sell them for 16.00-20.00 each and can ship.


And then….I painted my garage refrigerator

The refrigerator in the garage is old but still works but living in Florida with all the humidity, it started rusting badly on the sides. So I sanded it and put a metal primer on it. This had to dry a day before I could paint. I actually used the same exterior paints that I had purchased for painting the patio. There was some dripping and I needed to continue to brush over the heavier paints to keep them from sliding. AFter that dried, I used an oil based varnish to finalize. The smell of the varnish lasted over a week but now, I am loving this fresh look.
Several people have inquired about painting their refrigerators but I say no thanks. A lot of work.

Painting my patio cement

Years ago I painted my patio cement and even though it gets a protective varnish when completed, the elements seem to fade and chip off some of the paint. SO ….every few years, I clean and retouch all of the colors and even add additional colors. I used exterior enamel paints from the hardware store and have the guy mix custom colors in those 4.99 sample jars. Living in Florida its very humid and it took me two days to retouch all the colors. Then I let it dry for a couple days before putting a cement top coat.

Southern Landscape painting

Last month, I had my senior students (Senior Activity Center in Neptune Beach for the elderly), work on this scene. We had 2 lessons at 2 hours each where they worked on their canvases along with my tutorial. They did a wonderful job on their paintings. Mine is 16×20″ and called “Sunset Southern Waterway”. Adding a frame would make this smaller painting appear larger. 

Recent Photographic Illustrations of Northern California

Since my two boys live in the Santa Cruz Bay area in California, I take a couple vacations a year to visit them. The beauty of northern California is so different from where I live now in Florida. Since I grew up in California (Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego and Carmel), I have such a sweet spot for the Pacific Ocean.
Recently, a collector asked if I had any photographic illustrations of the area and I put this collection together for her.
Prints range from 26.00-125.00 (to 16×20″) and can also do very large custom prints on archival papers, canvas and Metal.

Family in California
California 2016
California 2016

California 2016
California 2016

Large ocean painting done in three panels

Late Afternoon Swim Triptyc

“Late Afternoon Swim” is completed. Each panel is 30x40x1″ and when displayed is 92×40″ . Being so large was an issue since I have a small 10×14 foot studio with only two easels. I arranged two of the canvases in the studio side by side so I could make a nice transition when placed together. I would paint for a while and then, switch them out to work on the next one. Also I am experimenting with tinted gessoes and other mediums, rough brushes, palette knives. When you view this up close you can see the layers and the large brush strokes done in an energetic expressionistic manner. From further away, it looks more representational.